Welcome Centre

The Welcome Center, located in the picturesque Old Fortress in Civitavecchia, is a cutting-edge Cyber Hall aimed to accommodate foreign and Italian tourists who want to discover what Lazio district can offer.
The project was completely realized by KSI in cooperation with Regione Lazio and Giunti publisher, with the approval of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.
Inside the Cyber Hall travellers receive information about the culture of Lazio through immersive technologies, interactive projections and infocorner touch-based, ranging from tourist destinations to archaeological sites, museums and events.

After a phase of profiling, useful to know which are the wishes of Welcome Center Guests, travellers can create customized routes to download or print on their smartphone and PC: a real tour with detailed digital maps, tips and useful information to organize their stay in Lazio in a practical and functional way.
The organization of the spaces in the Welcome Center is designed to create a simple and functional environment, where you can feel free to enjoy with the available technologies on your own or with the support of specialized personnel.
The Welcome Centre is an experience unique and innovative for any type of tourist.