System Integration

We integrate distinct systems into simplified and functional heterogeneous infrastructures


To achieve innovative ideas we do not settle for standard solutions. KSI is constantly searching for new opportunities of development.

Technical Support

We provide maintenance and support of hardware and software platforms. Our logistical centers are located throughout Italy.


Quality, accuracy and safety of our working methods are universally recognized. They are a guarantee for our customers and for us.

Fast, Professional, Reliable

The quality of our work is based on continuous updating of consolidated capabilities and on the achievement of new skills.

The market requires us to keep constantly up-to-date, satisfying very quickly customer needs and offering customized goods and services ensuring the highest proficiency. For this reason, KSI has focused its core business on different competencies ranging from the first stage of planning to the post-sale one.

  • Design of infrastructures for the domestic market of IT
  • Hardware Resale multi-vendor
  • Software Distribution
  • Professional consulting services for the ICT sector
  • Technical support

People adding value